Free Trial: Deltapath Mobile for Bay Area Nonprofits

Nonprofits around the United States remain open during the Coronavirus pandemic to provide vital services in their communities. America is thankful for these organizations.

However, social distancing to flatten the curve means fewer volunteers coming out to help. The pandemic has also forced many businesses to make the difficult choice to layoff employees to keep their doors open. This reality has created a lack of resources.

For employees who shifted to remote work, it has been challenging to keep their organization’s mission moving forward. Many employees lack the resources needed to work from home effectively and efficiently.

Is giving back!!

Deltapath knows technology can make remote work much more manageable. Under these harsh economic conditions, our company is reaching out to nonprofits in the Bay Area to slash their phone bills while enabling employees to work at their full potential from anywhere.

We are very proud of our work with the Alameda County Community Food Bank, who migrated to our service to power their food hotline. Agents are working from home to meet the growing needs of the community.

“Alameda County Community Food Bank saw its Emergency Food Helpline call volume jump by 1000% in the first ten days of the pandemic. Food insecurity has continued since then. In the past two weeks alone, the call volume spiked again by 220%. We are proud to partner with Deltapath in their efforts and help ensure our Helpline remains operational using Deltapath Mobile while our operators stay safely sheltered in place.”

– Amy Donovan, Chief Financial Officer, Alameda County Community Food Bank.

Our company has helped several other companies save as much as 60% on their monthly phone bill while enhancing their communication experience with our renowned Dolby powered phone system.

Deltapath is offering a reduced rate per user per month all-inclusive without any contract commitment or setup fees.

  • Enjoy nationwide unlimited long distance calling
  • Receive calls and make calls from your mobile devices
  • Engage in a Dolby audio conference call
  • Ask about our many other features

It is one of our missions to use our technology to help nonprofits in our community and to help them save money during these tough times.

Do you run a customer hotline or call center?

Do you want your remote workers to feel
connected and increase collaboration?

Let us help you with your communication plan. Contact us today.

Free Trial: Deltapath Cloud Solutions

Enjoy Interoperability and Security on Deltapath Cloud For Free

Universal Connector Cloud Bridge

Deltapath Meeting Cloud

Your Toolbox to Translate and Transcode Between All Communication Protocols

Video Meeting Cloud With Maximum Security

Different communication systems often operate on different protocols creating incompatibilities that isolate each platform. The Universal Connector Cloud Bridge solves these incompatibilities by acting as a translator in the cloud to ensure different communication modalities interact.

The meeting and collaboration solution allow organizations to privately host on their own network. With interoperability being part of Deltapath’s DNA, we also give users the choice to use their favorite device to join a meeting, including Cisco, Avaya, Poly/Polycom, Lifesize, legacy H.323, laptop, or mobile device.

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Distance Business Programme (“D-Biz Programme”) – Get Your Deltapath Solutions For Free

Deltapath offers a wide variety of Unified Communications solutions that empower you to streamline communication and boost collaboration at your company regardless of industry or working environments.

Apply now to get full reimbursement for your Deltapath solutions purchases!

Program Details

A minimum of 10 business days for review and approval

Funding ceiling is
HK$100,000 per project

Total funding ceiling is

Featured Deltapath Solutions

Virtual Team Management
and Communications

Bundle Offer of Deltapath Unified Communications Platform

Improve customer experience by enabling your team to communicate with customers at ease
(bundle includes mobile app with IM and video call functionalities)

Virtual Meeting
and Conference Tools

Deltapath Meeting
Web Conferencing Cloud Services

Engage in video conferences with customers and leverage content sharing feature for conducting online classes and webinars

Online Custom-built / Cloud-based Business Support Systems

Custom Integration with
Your Business Application

Streamline communication processes and boost productivity

To find out more about how Deltapath UC solutions can be of immense value to your company, please contact your dedicated Deltapath sales representative.

Free Trial: Deltapath with Dolby Voice Audio Conferencing Cloud Service

Deltapath Is Offering A Free Solution
To Help Everyone Overcome Work-From-Home Stress

Our Commitment to Keeping the World Healthy

Over the past few months, countless companies have adopted Work-from-Home policies to enable Business-As-Usual, meanwhile allowing employees to play their role as responsible global citizens to stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, if you discovered working from home to be more challenging than imagined, you’re not alone. Constantly struggling to find ways for instant communication and collaboration with your team? Finally got on a scheduled conference call but someone else at home starts vacuum cleaning?

We understand how stress levels heighten when things get out of your control. Deltapath offers a solution that helps you take these challenges out of the picture.

The Deltapath with Dolby Voice audio conferencing cloud service leverages technology and mobile phones to help enterprises scale seamlessly to adapt to unexpected critical events like COVID-19. As working from home becomes the new normal, it is critical to ensure your team is equipped with the right tools for that.

  • Dolby Voice Technology
    • Provides crystal clear audio and noise cancellation technology for times when information sharing is critical
  • Increase the Effectiveness of Your Communication
    • Improve communication and comprehension by holding video calls
    • Hold regular briefings and debriefings on an audio conference bridge with staff in different geographical locations
    • Conduct audio conference calls with customers as needed
    • Encryption enforced on every communication channel

Get access and start using Deltapath with Dolby Voice
Audio Conferencing Cloud Service

Step 1: Sign up for a free basic account. Use a work address.
Personal email addresses are not eligible.

Step 2: Complete the information below for your enterprise.

Step 3: A Deltapath specialist will contact you to understand your requirements and to get you setup.

Webinar: TMCnet x Deltapath Noise Cancellation Gateway Live Webinar — Rewatch Now

In today’s age of flexible work arrangements and mobile workforces, the ability to connect employees with colleagues, customers, and partners wherever they are physically located is more important than ever.  It’s one of the reasons unified communications services continue see increased adoption.

But, often, that is not in a quiet office setting, but in a public setting or job site where background noise can be a significant distraction.  If you’ve ever been on a call with someone who is outdoors or on a busy warehouse floor, you know well how difficult it can be to clearly hear them.

Much of the UC conversation focuses on the ability to offer users choice of channels and other productivity features – those features that can eliminate a big portion of redundant communications and wasted time each day.  Call quality is also a big part of the conversation.  Businesses need to know their communications services are not only reliable, but the voice quality is superior.

What is often missing, though, is how to handle all the background noise during conversations that take place in non-traditional settings, short of using the mute feature.  But, that doesn’t work when employees who are actively engaged in conversation are in those noisy settings.

The problem of background noise extends beyond the two-way conversation, though.  With so much of customer service being directed towards AI-driven automated communication, which relies on voice recognition, background noise can render AI largely useless, creating a very negative customer experience.  If you’ve ever had a speech-enabled experience where the voice recognition engine doesn’t accurately understand what you’re saying, you’re well aware of the frustration it can cause.

Whether you’re running a sales team, customer service organization, developing or using voice-driven AI solutions, or simply using UC to deliver a better communications experience for your employees and customers, it’s likely background noise is a factor in many of your voice engagements.

Free Trial: Deltapath Acute Solution for Healthcare Facilities

Deltapath Is Helping Healthcare Facilities
Manage Coronavirus– for Free

Our Commitment to Keeping the World Healthy

The Coronavirus has affected thousands of people across the world. Healthcare facilities are grappling with how to provide the best quality of care to Coronavirus patients as demands increase because of the outbreak.

The Deltapath Acute app leverages technology and mobile phones to help healthcare facilities scale seamlessly to adapt to unexpected critical events like the Coronavirus. Since healthcare professionals do not know all the factors surrounding Covid-19, regular communication and the sharing of information, best practices, and strategies within a medical facility and the entire medical community is critical. Here is how Acute can help:

  • Dolby Voice Technology
    • Provides crystal clear audio and noise cancellation technology for times when information sharing is critical
  • Increase the Effectiveness of Your Communication
    • Use Push-to-Talk to engage in instantaneous voice communication with a group of healthcare professionals in emergencies.
    • Improve communication and comprehension by holding video calls
    • Hold regular briefings and debriefings on an audio conference bridge with staff and other healthcare professionals in different geographical locations
    • Conduct audio conference calls between a patient, healthcare worker, and translator as needed
    • Encryption enforced on every communication channel.

Get access and start using Deltapath Acute

Step 1: Sign up for a free basic account. Use a work address.
Personal email addresses are not eligible.

Step 2: Complete the information below for your healthcare facility.

Step 3: A Deltapath specialist will contact you to understand your requirements and to get you setup.

Webinar: TMCnet x Deltapath Noise Cancellation Gateway Live Webinar — Register Now

Companies are no longer just discussing what the right office environment is for good audio quality. Today, the discussion also focuses on how to offer incredible audio quality to employees who work and attend meetings outside of the office in noisy environments. With the Deltapath Noise Cancellation Gateway, which leverages Dolby’s audio technology, callers and call recipients experience crystal clear audio even in the noisiest situations.

Equally important, companies fueling their artificial intelligence (AI) work with the capture of voice data or voice commands, probably already know that background noise can negatively impact their AI engine’s accuracy rate when interpreting and analyzing data. Whether your AI engine is analyzing voice input, interpreting voice commands, transcribing audio to text, or interpreting peoples’ emotions through their tone of voice, the Deltapath Noise Cancellation Gateway can ensure you capture high quality audio and boost your AI engine’s accuracy rate by filtering noise pollution.

Discover how Deltapath Noise Cancellation Gateway can benefit your industry and find out how easy it integrates with your platform.

What the audience will learn:

  • Learn how to cope with background noise while keeping up with the demands of business communication and work that takes place outside the office – Learn how to ensure background noise does not impact the integrity of the data harnessed from voice calls or voice inputs
  • Discover how to enhance your IVR, empower your voice assistants, decrease the amount of time call center agents spend with callers while improving – customer service
  • Hear about the trends in the UC industry that are impacting customer experience

Who should watch:

  • UC architects across every industry
  • AI developers capturing voice data or developing voice assistants
  • Business users who experience background noise on their calls such as remote workers, sales employees, and contact center agents

Register Now!

Free Upgrade Offer: Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Products are part of a lifecycle and await the day they are either labeled end-of-life or targeted for an upgrade. Your endpoints and CUCM are not immune to this reality.

The typical recommendation for products at the end of their lifecycle is to rip and replace them. Ripping out and replacing endpoints can be costly and unaffordable for many companies, especially if many of your endpoints are end of life. Upgrading your CUCM can also be expensive, but on the flipside, doing nothing can put your system and business at considerable risk. Maintenance and reliability risks coupled with no security fixes or critical bug resolution can spell disaster for a company. Similarly, new endpoints may not be backwards compatible so they will not work with your current CUCM version and applications may not be compatible with your version.

Questions to Consider

1. If your endpoints are operating without any issues and are meeting your business needs, do you want to dispose of them?

2. If the latest CUCM upgrade falls short of what other systems are offering for the same price, would you settle?

Explore a Different Road

Deltapath differentiates itself from other UC companies by making your business investments work longer because that’s what your company deserves. We support end of life models up to the latest endpoints.

For example, when you upgrade to Cisco Unified Communications Manager, release 14, you will not be able to use the following phone models:

EOL Cisco Phone Models With Release 14


With release 14, you will also not be able to use any of the EOL phone models announced in Release 12.0(x) and Release 11.5(x).

ReleaseEOL Cisco Phone Models
11.5(x)12 S
11.5(x)12 SP
11.5(x)12 SP+
11.5(x)30 SP+
11.5(x)30 VIP
11.5(x)7910G +SW

Deltapath supports over 50% of the Cisco phone models that are end of life in releases 14, 12.0x, and 11.5x. In addition, the nucleus of Deltapath’s UC platform is interoperability. That means our unified communication platform allows different brands of endpoints such as Cisco, Avaya, and other brands to coexist and work with each other seamlessly.

Super Charge Your Solutions with Dolby Voice

Deltapath is the first UC company to partner with Dolby, a company who has been impacting the world with its audio solutions for years. Dolby Voice is integrated in our end-to-end solution from our desktop to our mobile app. Your customers can experience stunning audio quality on their calls as background noise is suppressed and each person on the call is heard from a distinct virtual location to ensure no ones’ voice overlaps in a conference call. In addition, Dolby Voice comes with full room pickup so everyone who speaks is heard.

Deltapath Mobile App

Deltapath’s mobile app not only comes equipped with Dolby Voice.

Send text messages, videos, and images

Forward calls

Pickup calls for your colleagues while they are away

Enjoy audio calls or turn on video for a more interactive conversation

Invite and initiate an audio conference call and control the participation level of each person on the call right from your app

When someone calls your work extension, all your smart devices ring to ensure you never miss a call again.

Value Added Services

The Deltapath’s UC platform comes with many add-on services to complement your core services and help you improve the benefits you offer customers and employees. Here are some of our popular value-added services:

Cinch, Deltapath’s inbound contact center allows agents to fulfill a variety of services and improve customer satisfaction.

Proactive Engagement, Deltapath’s outbound contact center allow agents to work on one or multiple campaigns that play a key role in lead generation, sales, subscriptions, feedback surveys, debt collection and more.

Push-to-Talk is an additional communication channel that offers instant connectivity to one person or a group of people. integration allows companies to create more engaging customer and employee experiences that can give you an advantage over competitors.

Service Provider grade Call Billing allows you to optimize revenue and manage your telephone services.

Serviced Office provides robust tools designed to help companies manage their serviced offices.

Learn About the CUCM Free Upgrade Program

It’s like getting a brand-new house for free and only being responsible for Property Tax and the Property Management Fee

Our CUCM Free Upgrade Program is designed to save you money and take you a leap forward into the future.

For the same cost of what you pay for your annual Cisco maintenance contract, Deltapath will upgrade your Cisco Unified Communications System to its Deltapath Unified Communications Platform with Dolby Voice.

How the Program is Delivered:

Deployment Options

Based on your annual Cisco maintenance bill, you will receive either a virtual edition software license or a hybrid private cloud model to support your business.

You can deploy Deltapath UC on a virtualized server. Deltapath supports VMWare ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Linux KVM.

You can also choose to receive Deltapath appliances if your annual Cisco maintenance fee is above $7000 USD.

Start the conversation today to see how you can save money. Share some information and we’ll be in touch.

Limited Offer: Dolby Bundle

Bundle and save! Get the Deltapath UC platform free with the purchase of a Dolby Conference Phone

Why make the switch to a Dolby Conference Phone with Dolby Voice?

The Dolby Conference Phone eliminates many of your communication pain points to bring you the best audio quality and the most immersive communication and collaboration experience ever.

Noise Cancelation

With the proliferation of mobile devices, more people are taking calls outside the office only to have their calls hijacked by background noise.With Dolby Voice, background noises are eliminated in your conference rooms.  You can also take Dolby Voice outdoors with Deltapath Mobile. Deltapath’s mobile application comes fully integrated with Dolby Voice.

Voice Overlap

Everyone has experienced voice overlap. It’s when you’re on a call and different people speak at once resulting in muffled voices and confusion over who said what.Dolby Voice eliminates voice overlap so everyone hears each person on the call from a distinct virtual location so it’s easy to identify who’s speaking and follow the conversation.

Voice Level

Conference call participants with quiet voices often go unheard because people speak over them. Time and again, quiet speakers must either move closer to the conference room device to be heard or have others repeat what they just said.Dolby Voice equals the playing field. Everyone who speaks is heard as a result of full room pickup – not just the loudest few. Conversation flows naturally.

Audio Quality

High Definition (HD) Voice was a great technology when it first came out over a decade ago. It brought everyone clearer, more natural sounding audio. However, HD Voice does not solve other communication challenges like background noise, full room voice pickup, or voice separation.Dolby delivers an experience you can trust. Get stunning audio quality with the Dolby Conference Phone with Dolby Voice.

Hear the difference for yourself

Audio with HD Voice
Audio with Dolby Voice

Package includes:

  • Dolby Conference Phone
  • Deltapath UC Platform Virtual Edition Base License includes
    • Deltapath UC User License*
    • Dolby Voice Conference Room License*
    • Dolby Voice module

*Number of licenses is equal to the number of Dolby Conference Phones purchased

Start the conversation today to see how to get your Deltapath UC Platform with your Dolby Conference Phone. Share some information and we’ll be in touch.

Beta Testing Program

Here at Deltapath we welcome those who are interested in testing out our apps prior to release. By becoming a beta tester, you can provide us with valuable insight and data so we can improve on any areas that can enhance user experience.

1. Purpose

The “Beta Test Program” enables authorized beta partners/customers of Deltapath to run beta testing of a beta version of a selected Deltapath software in advance of its official release in parallel to Deltapath’s internal QA testing.

The program would be beneficial for both the beta partners/customers and Deltapath specifically when the beta partners/customers run real customer case scenarios during their beta testing.

2. Process

2.1 Deltapath delivers the beta partners / customers a beta version of the targeted software together with a simplified beta release notes on the targeted software.

  • Delivery of a beta version of iOS based mobile apps will be made through the TestFlight.
  • Delivery of a beta version of Android based mobile apps will be made through Google Play using its beta version feature.
  • Delivery of server side software will require scheduling with Deltapath Support Team to remotely upgrade servers owned by the beta partners/customers to be used for the beta testing.

2.2 The beta partners/customers run their beta testing and open tickets when they found issues/bugs through Support Portal.

2.3 Deltapath handles tickets opened by the beta partners /customers same as regular bug reporting of the released software and treat them together based on the internal bug prioritization scheme.

2.4 Depending on the nature of bugs, Deltapath may, by its sole discretion, develop another beta version of the targeted software before the official release and provide the beta partners/customers with the updated beta software for their follow on beta testing.

3. Terms and Conditions

3.1 Timing of the delivery of a beta version of the targeted software will be decided at the sole discretion of Deltapath.

3.2 The beta release notes will only be available in English.

3.3 The beta partners/customers need to understand that the beta version of a software may include undetected bugs or issues as Deltapath’s internal QA testing will be in progress in parallel to the beta testing by the beta partners/customers.

3.4 Deltapath does not guarantee beta partners/customers to implement bug fixes, for the bugs they found during their beta testing, in the targeted software before its official release.

3.5 Deltapath may close the beta test period or release the production version at its own discretion without the preliminary notification and consent from the beta partners/customers.

3.6 Feature/enhancement requests raised by the beta partners/customers as the results of their beta testing won’t be implemented in the targeted software before the release of the targeted software.

Those requests will be evaluated by Deltapath and may be included in the new feature/enhancement development list for the future releases of the targeted software at the sole discretion of Deltapath.

*By submitting the form below you agree to the Deltapath Product Beta Testing Program Terms & Conditions.

Fill Out The Form Below To Register As A Deltapath Beta Customer!